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Radon Testing

how radon gets in your home, radon testing

  Schedule your Radon Test today, to make sure your homes radon levels are safe! You can bundle with any other  Inspection or Services and save during your booking. 

  The Radon Test I conduct is an "Active Test" which continuously takes samples of the air in the home for 48 hours. My system allows me to monitor levels and alerts me of high levels during the test. This allows me to reach out immediately to notify of the levels. 

  I provide a report for you to review the levels of radon during certain times of the day and night. So you can, if need be, get the appropriate mitigation system to bring the levels to a safe and normal range.

  I use RadonEyePro test equipment, it is certified and calibrated yearly, to ensure you that your test is correct and accurate. 

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