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Pre-drywall home inspection, pre-drywall new construction home inspection


There are a lot of different components that are ran through the wall cavities, and support structures, and sometimes things that should NOT be in the walls! Its easy to cover a mistake to cut corners with drywall.  Don't let someone else's negligence be your burden to pay for. Make sure your home is being built with the most important thing in mind. You and your family's safety and well being! That is how I inspect every home, as if I am inspecting for my family! 

Why get a home inspection, preventative home inspection, importance of an inspection


Don't let time keep slipping away with out knowing, your house Is Not slipping out from under you! Get a preventative inspection done periodically to make sure, there are no hidden dark secrets laying unseen for years. This will allow you to make sure your home doesn't have any of those hidden secrets, that could eventually cause you a lot of money to get repairs done later. 

11 Month Warranty Inspection, New construction, New purchase warranty

11 Month Warranty

Most home purchases today, come with a 12 month home warranty. Regardless if its a new build, or a 1950's newly purchased. So dont let that warranty fade in the sunset with you holding a bill for a defect that could have been fixed for free. Call to schedule that 11 month warranty inspection now. Or pre-schedule during an inspection with me for a discount. Either way, I will go through and make sure your new home is still, as good as the day you moved in. 

Infrared certified Inspections
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