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Certified Mold Inspector

Mold & Air Testing

Certified Mold Inspection Company

MOLD......that one "word" every home owner dreads to see or hear. Wait..dont run, no dont burn your home down just yet!! It's not as horrific as you might think or have heard. 

  As a certified mold inspector, I will inspect your home looking for any moisture intrusion, to determine where the issue starts. Using several tools and methods to validate any findings, to include thermal imaging. Once the issue is found and identified, I will take test samples and have them completed in a lab, and provide you with a report.

  With the mold inspection and lab results, youll be able to make a informed decision on repairing the issue and getting any potential mold removed. 

  This service can be scheduled for just a mold inspection, and also can be bundled with an inspection service to save you money. 

Certified infrared inspection company
image of mold under telescope
image of mold above window
microscopic image of mold
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