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     Shortly before retiring from 23 years in the military, my wife (Christina) and I, along with our 4 boys, knew we wanted to make Cleveland County, NC our forever home. After several months of searching, we found the perfect little farm for our family and began preparing for our next chapter of life. 

     I knew that I wouldn't be content, "living a life of leisure" just yet. And it's always been of the upmost importance, that I provide for my family while also continuing to serve and help others in my community. This desire, combined with our own experiences in home buying, is what lead me to becoming a Home Inspector.

     As you can imagine, we've lived in many places and many homes over the span of my military career. We know first hand what it's like purchasing a dream home, only to find out our new home could be better described as a "nightmare", rather than a "dream".

      Our goal at Copley's 1st Choice Home Inspections is to help you, and other families like you, avoid the bigger issues that come along with home buying, so you can focus on the more important which room will make the best nursery or in law suite? 

      If you're in the market for a professional, quality, time sensitive, home inspection, then look no further. Your family, and your next home purchase, deserve the best and that's what we strive to give each and every customer. Make Copley's 1st Choice Home Inspections, your 1st Choice for all your home inspection needs.  


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