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Certified Residential Home Inspector
Standard Home

Most Inspections are the "Standard Inspection".   We follow interNACHI's SOP for our work standards, see

 link for complete SOP.

 Standard Of Practice. 


New Build Completed

Be insured, as well as ensured, by us inspecting your newly built home. We will make sure it was constructed safely, and to the standard, that I would allow my family to live in. 


Completed by the seller to know of any possible issues, and bring to the table a Move-In-Ready inspection to close the deal faster.

New Build Pre-Drywall

Pre-Drywall inspection is to make sure all those hidden compenants are not damaged before being covered with Drywall. Click below for more details.

Preventative Maintenance  

Preventative is just that, do you regularly crawl through your attic, or crawlspace to make sure everything is safe and functioning correctly?

Like most homeowners probably not. Click below for more details.

11 Month Warranty New Build New Construction New Purchase
11 Month Warranty

Ensure no surprises have arisen since your investments warranty expires! Click below for more details.

Radon Test Certified Home Inspection
Guarantee Home Inspection
Certified Mold Inspector Inspectionl Company

Click to learn more about the Honor Guarantee

InterNACHI Certified Home Inspector
interNachi certified home inspector
InterNACHI Certified Professional Home Inspector
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